Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I've posted before about my struggles of being healthy and loosing weight. It feels to be a constant uphill battle. 

Today though I'm posting on the joys of just being somewhat healthy. 

I have felt the last few days that creeping joyful feeling. Whenever I have felt this I'm like, what? What can be causing this joyful feeling. I have so many stressors and feelings of doubt! I have rounded the feeling to be coming from the feeling of health! 

I'm still overweight. I'm still far from my baseline of hiking and walking stamina. I still have trouble with my ears. Yet, I can walk!!! I can breath out of both nostrils!!! I am able to work again and will soon have a regular income again!!! I have great family that lives near enough to see multiple times a week!!! 

Health is defined and described in different ways. Today I'm celebrating my health that I'm alive and self-sufficient! 

What's your description of health today! 

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Darilyn said...

Love this! Health is a myriad of things which I feel like I'm far from. My healthiest factor is my emotional health because that's what I'm focusing on lately.