Tuesday, July 22, 2008

50 Things #28

28. Read all of Jane Austen's Novels.

Last night, or pretty much early this morning I accomplished this goal. All I had left was Lady Susan, and since I could not sleep, why not?

Amazingly this goal has not taken very long to accomplish. My favorite? Pride and Prejudice. I love the whit that Elizabeth gets to have. Granted pretty much all of Austen's novels have witty characters, I just like this one the best.

Well one more done, and many more to have fun planning and accomplishing.


Jason and Jamie said...

That's impressive that you read all of them! Did you like Lady Susan?

SaraH G said...

Bravo Krista! I think it's great that you've accomplished this goal :)

Krista Lou Cook said...

Lady Susan was funny. You couldn't help feel sorry for the mom and her selfishness. It is kind of hard to keep trac kof who is writing to who, but it was an easy read.

Jessie said...

Go Krista! That rocks. Someday I'll get back into reading. Jane Austen's books sound really great! (No I've never read any of them :S)