Friday, August 12, 2011

Ocean Boulevard.

Some people not from Coos Bay/North Bend have asked me if Ocean Blvd leads to the ocean. In a way it does. It definitely is one of the main roads that gets you heading in the right direction. My draw to Ocean Blvd is that this is where I am residing. Last November I made a change and got a job working at Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay. This of course meant that I then needed to move to Coos Bay. In January I got a call from some amazing family friends and in February I moved to Ocean Blvd. It has been quite fun to set my stuff up, decide if I need more, and eventually hang stuff on the walls. I like my style. It's comfortable. I makes me happy. I promised some friends that I would post photos, so here goes:

Ocean Blvd, Krista Style

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