Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To be filled.

I so could write pages and pages of tasty recipes to fill us up with tons of lovely calories. That is not the theme of this post though. "To Be Filled", is what I was thinking when I traveled back from my GNO tonight. (That's Girls Night Out for those of you not used to the phrase). I love all my friends. I love spending time with all my friends. I love what I can learn from them. I love what I can share with them. I love the times we laugh, and the times we cry. I love the travel. I love the FOOD! Such good memories to cherish forever. But what I REALLY love... I love the feeling that I sometimes feel after leaving them. That "Full" feeling of happiness and contentment. When you can go home and know if you don't hear from anyone in a few days, it's OK. You know there are truly great people out there that love and care for you!

Great time ladies!

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Darilyn said...

I love that feeling. I'm so glad that you have friends you can count on. Looks like a fun evening.