Wednesday, December 25, 2013

#36: Organize a Jane Austen Book Club

 Every since I saw the movie, The Jane Austen Book Club, I have wanted to start a club of my own. I was so drawn to the friendships the characters in this movie had. I know it was just a movie, but I so wanted to replicate that fun bond between people who did not know each other entering into the commitment to read the novels by Jane Austen. How could Jane Austen bring strangers together?

In reflecting over this past year of the JABC I mentioned my disappointment to one of my fellow members, Joanna. I had so hoped for a larger stronger bond and commitment. She did gently remind me though that we had not been friends before this started. I was shocked, no way! I felt that I had known Joanna for so much longer!

Even though I did not get the movie ending, lol, I did get precious memories with some amazing people! I got to know Rebecca who I had not spent any time with since high school. Even those that joined up towards the end brought light and joy! Each person that entered my home to discuss, and laugh about the life events of the Jane Austen characters became a permanent good memory of love and friendship.

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