Thursday, December 26, 2013

lbs by lbs, inches by inches

(photo credit to Moreen Littrell)

I have never been a skinny person. Ever since puberty started hitting in elementary school I have been a little chunky, slightly plump, or rocking the love handles. Occasionally I will find a diet plan that fits my lifestyle and can follow it for a few months. With fingers crossed I will lose 30-40 lbs and then take the next few years to find them again.

The first year I moved back to Oregon I made it to my highest (unhealthiest) weight. Moving to Coos Bay helped my self-esteem which helped me take off 10 lbs. Then when my sister decided to have gastric bypass I decided to jump on the weight-loss wagon and lose some more. I got down to my lowest in about 8 yrs, although still a good 30 -40 above my goal weight. Luck be mine after my abdominal surgery a couple years ago and being sedentary for 6 months, I managed to catch those pesky pounds back.

A year ago my doctor suggested cholesterol medication. I suggested weight-loss first. I tried on my own for three months, then when unsuccessful  I followed  Dr. Furhman's plan of "Eat To Live". The lbs shed off, but as quickly as they were gone they came back when I started eating what I wanted again. (such is the story in most cases). Now after a three month battle of stress and the blues I was heading close to my highest again.

THIS HAS GOT TO CHANGE! That was my only thought. I sought the advice once again of my doctor and decided to do the medically supervised Optifast plan.

What is hard:
Sticking to just their products. Gratefully there are cold pre-made and shake drinks, as well as bars and soups. So there is a variety. But when you are in a home full of friends eating lovely cheese balls, it is easy to slip. (and I did).
850 average of calories a day. That is low. (thus why it is medically supervised). I had wanted to stop drinking soda along with starting optifast, but I have needed that carbonation at times to help keep me full.
Adding a MD apt as well as group meeting to my schedule weekly.

What I like:
Variety. I like that I still can have something warm with the shakes. It helps fill the void and cravings of hot foods. Plus you decide which products you want each week and can tailor them to your lifestyle and choice.
They actually taste good. I was pleasantly surprised when I took my first drink and found it to be good! 
Physician monitored. I need the accountability. It has been fun, and scary to get on the big medical scale each week to see what the loss is. I also have to report on if I went off program. Like I said, accountability.
Group meeting. I can meet others that have the same weight issues as I do and see what is working for them.
Quick weight loss. I am down 16 lbs in two weeks ,(and that is even with the cheese ball and peppermint ice cream).

I am dreaming of what I might weigh and be able to wear by my birthday in March. I also am excited to see the health benefits of being able to hike easier in the future.

Here's to a healthier future!

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