Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Adventuring: 40:40:9 Sunset -Pack Trail

I have posted about the Sunset Bay Trail and The Simpson Reef Loop. There are actually a series of trails and loops that stretch from Sunset Bay up to Cape Arago, and then up and around to The Pack Trail. Starting from the beginning of the Sunset Bay Trail follow this around to the start of the Shore Acres Loop.

Continue on the Shore Acres Loop all the way to Simpson Beach.

Cross the wooden bridge and head up the trail to merge onto the Simpson Reef Loop. Follow the outskirts of this trail to it's end at the Simpson Reef overlook.

From this parking lot you cross the street and veer right starting on a part of the Oregon Coast Trail. This trail will wind around ravines and end at the far end Cape Arago. When this trail ends turn left to continue on the loop. This will be steep and will again climb up and around ravines and end on the top of the Pack trail. Turn left and follow the Pack Trail to it's beginning along the Cape Arago road.

Cross the road and after a short walk to the left turn onto a trail start that will again merge you onto the Simpson Reef Loop. At your first opportunity veer right and follow the trail back to the Simpson Beach and continue to retrace your steps back to the very beginning. This whole loop of trails will be approximately 9-10 miles.

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