Thursday, April 17, 2014

40:40-23 Smith Rock

Besides a couple trips to Sisters Oregon I had never really been to Central Oregon before. Last year my sister's youth group invited me to be their camp nurse, and I am so grateful to them that they did and I got to see this amazing place!!!
Smith Rock blooms out in between farm lands and desert. It provides a place for adventurous souls to rock climb, hike, explore, camp, ect. In an understatement it is beautiful!
For our hike we started from the last viewpoint and parking area onto the Homestead Trail.
After crossing the Footbridge we followed the River Trail then cut up on the paths to walk past the Morning Glory, Christian Bros, and Diehards climbing walls. (The next day we would bring the youth girls back to climb these walls).
Next came Asterisk Pass. This is a climbing/rock scamble cut-through enabling some great views. We then followed the Mesa Verda Trail, connected with Monkey Face Trail, and then took Misery Ridge Trail back to the Footbridge.
Mesa Verda Trail
Monkey Face Rock
I would go back in a second to hike more trails and soak in the beauty of this area!

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