Thursday, April 17, 2014


Last week I posted a question on facebook of "What motivates you". It was specifically directed towards what motivates you to eat right and exercise, to be healthy. My firend Melissa posted this:
 "Self-compassion. Not to be confused with pity or selfishness. A few years ago, I was down in a few ways. An injury that forced me to sit for a while capped it off. I had a lot of time to reflect. Developed a gratitude for the ability to move freely that, once I was able again, has never left me. I love to move. The more I do that, the more I want to eat the right fuel. I "cheat" almost every day, but eat well (unprocessed) otherwise. That goes back to the self compassion thing. Back to the injury...while professionals (PT) were caring for me, I had to keep up my end (exercises, stretches etc). Hard to explain and really very simple, but that visceral care taught me/translated to self compassion (I thought I came up with that concept until I just now googled it). Seems obvious in hindsight, but it really was like an epiphany to me at the time. This is how I conceptualized it...Think of someone you love deeply. You want the best for them in every way. When they are hurt, you are too. When they are well, you are joyful. We should have that same compassion for ourselves. When I flipped it around like that, I realized I had been neglecting myself in a way that I would never neglect someone that I love. It was a huge turning point. Yikes. Sorry this is so manic, sappy and disjointed. Also helps a ton to have a fitness buddy. Way more fun and keeps you accountable."
So this past week the word - Compassion- has been on my mind. At first it was in relation to having compassion for myself. In making better eating choices, and exercising. Then on Sunday, after a disastrous lesson where the class just sat there falling asleep or just staring at me not understanding my fumbling words, I realized I needed compassion in my teaching. I also need more compassion at work. Not just compassion for my patients, but for my co-workers.
According to Merriam-Webster the definition of Compassion is: "A feeling of wanting to help someone who is sick, hungry, in trouble, ect". 
I realized that I had not been feeling compassion for myself or others, I felt selfishness. The motivation behind the action or thoughts were not coming from the shiny happy soul of someone wanting to make a place better, but of a dull and hurt emptiness that at times may have wanted others to feel a little bit of the misery too.
For myself I am planning on posting -Compassion- in various places where I find myself at my weakest moments. My work locker, my rear-view mirror, my refrigerator, and my bathroom mirror. I am hoping that as I make this word a bigger part of my life I will be able to feel the difference in my motivation behind my actions. I will be able to make better health and living choices, and will be able to integrate better spiritual and social decisions.
My new word COMPASSION is now on my mind and hopefully burning a little more lightness into my soul.

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