Friday, April 11, 2014

40:40:22 Sahalee & Koosah Falls

I usually have driven rt 126 in Oregon during the winter. That time of year provides gorgeous views of snow covered evergreens, mountains, and valleys. Last year I had the opportunity to drive it in the summer, and as I rounded a corner I saw a sign for some falls. FALLS??? Why had I not seen this sign for the Sahalee & Koosah Falls before?!!! I immediately veered left and feasted my eyes on some amazing greenery and waterfall! I made a mental reminder to stop here on my way back through and check this place out. I was not disappointed!
This trail connects two beautiful falls and a lake. The upper fall - The Sahalee "Heaven" can be explored from the top, a straight view from the sheltered path, and explored carefully closer to it's bottom.
Sahalee Falls

The lower fall - The Koosah "Sky" can be viewed from it's top and straight on from sheltered paths and viewpoints. 
Koosah Falls

I was overcome by the sweet water smell and the aqua blue color of the cold water.
At Clear Lake you can soak your feet and enjoy the tranquility and peace. Here's a great link to help plan your adventure!!!
Clear Lake

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Joleane said...

How beautiful! We're going to have to get together and hike sometime.