Friday, April 11, 2014

A little motivation please!!!

I have found it hard to keep up with my goals of the C25K. I had some complications with getting my tendonitis in my foot to let me push myself as hard as I wanted, and then this prompted my laziness... I did however find a new friend in my cylinder foam roller. I don't stretch as much as I should, and this has helped with the tension relief. Now to just get a hot tub :) J/K. I do still have the goal to run a 5K by the end of summer. Just need some help in refocusing myself.

I also have had a hard time eating regular food and keeping the weight off, let alone getting rid of some more! (slump shoulders) and endless struggle that I face. Any suggestions out there???

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Darilyn said...

I wish I had great advice. Have you tried a vision board? I made one on Pinterest and it has helped me keep better focused on my goals.