Saturday, July 7, 2007

Adventures with Nala.

My job of the week (besides the normals) is watching Nala. She looks pretty cute and cuddly huh? She is, unless she is barking relentlessly at the neighbors, herself, me, or any other reason she might feel like. Not to mention the computer cord and corner of the sofa she chewed up. I think from now on I need to interview the pooch before I agree to any more pet sitting! Ya know, a one on one discussion of how they feel about pet sitters and the fact that their family is leaving them for a bit. lol! She is actually really cute with the neighbor dogs and kids. She was racing back and forth along the fence with the neighbor boy. I think the boy has a little disability and cannot run very fast. But he sure was laughing hard and having a great time with Nala. Go Nala for making someones day brighter!

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Darilyn said...

Nala is the name of a lion you know.