Monday, July 30, 2007

Tag- I'm It!

1. 4 jobs I have had
K- Mart Fashions department
Insurance Sales
Pizza Maker

2. 4 movies I can watch anytime
Under the Tuscan Sun
Pride and prejudice (any version)
National Treasure

3. 4 Places I have lived
Coos Bay Oregon
Provo Utah
Columbia Maryland
Bristol Vermont

4. 4 TV shows I love
Gilmore Girls
Food Network
So you think you can dance
Hanna Montana

5. 4 Foods I love
Fresh veggies from the garden
a yummy salad

6. 4 Websites I visit daily
My blogspot
recruiting sites for work
other blogspots

7. 4 Places I would rather be visiting
My family in Oregon
Friends in Europe
Hiking in Utah

8. 4 people to tag
Genine- I guess you need to start a blog :)
Marie M- you also!


Krista Lou Cook said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Krista,
I love your blog. Looking forward to reading more.

Krista Lou Cook said...

Yay! you finally visited!

gina said...

do you know any other ginas? :) i love that you're a's fun to check it out. you need to come over for homemade pizza and salad. what do you say about that? g.

Krista Lou Cook said...

I say... Wahoooooo? Whens the party? And n- your the only Gina in my life :)

Kellie said...

Hey Krista! Am I tagged? Cool. I'll post it as soon as I can. It's so fun to keep in touch this way. Hugs!

gina said...

how does tuesday, aug 7th, 5:30pm sound? my place. (andy's at night school that evening...) what are your favorite toppings?? anyone you'd like to invite or do i get you all to myself?

Anonymous said...

Kitha Lou... You think I don't read this, but I do stop by occasionally and couldn't help but notice that even after your fabulous entries about the 'Burgh it is still not on your #7. "places to visit" list. I have but one word for that: "Hmph!"
PS Am I "the" Marie M? I'm flattered, but unsure of what that means.

Krista Lou Cook said...

MArie... I was just there.... :) And of course your the one I mean. This means you have to updat eyour blogspot (let me know the domain) and write out your top 4's. :) Can't waite!