Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Weekend in "The Burgh": Day One!

This past weekend I headed up to Pittsburgh Pa to spend the weekend with my cousins, Richy, Marie, and Linus McAffee. It was a really fun weekend. We spent time out and about, and plenty of time hanging out at the house chatting. Linus is 2 now and continuing to be just as hilarious as ever. Friday we took a Trolley up one of Pittsburgh's still running inclines.

Going up!

Hey Baby, come sit next to me!

At the top we spent time looking at the Pittsburgh skyline and... doing out own "flying around".

Going Down!

This is sooooo much fun!

After our incline adventure we had lunch at the famous "o". It is rated in the top ten for places to get a hot dog!

The we headed to get ice cream at Dave and Andy's, also on the top ten places in the US for ice cream!

Over all, a pretty active and great day!

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Darilyn said...

Wow, Linus is such a mixture of both of them. I mean obviously he is but it's not always easy to see in children. Looks like a fun time.