Thursday, May 22, 2008

NY Transportation

To get to NY and back we were lucky to have free round trip train tickets! Thanks Dave! We left from the Baltimore Penn Station and arrived at the NY Penn Station!

(Baltimore Penn Station Ceiling)

Most of the time we hoofed it around town. We did get a treat compliments of Lisa of a Pedicab ride from Central Park back to the Hotel. It was so cool. I kept going from saying, "Man I feel like a real tourist today", to, "I feel famous... hello peasant people walking along". When we reached the hotel the naked cowboy was outside so our driver turned around so we could cat call and take pictures. Good times! We did take a couple of cab rides. One from when we transferred hotels and the other when we had to get back to Penn to go home. The first one was not that bad, a nice driver that actually used his turn signal. Our second one though... his name might have been "Smiling Carlee", but his ride was everything but smiling. If you stereotyped what you though cab rides would be and then notched it up by 5, you would have his driving skills. Poor Denise had a little melt down after getting out of his cab. I just did my best not to look out the window. At least I could check that up for a real NY experience!

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Darilyn said...

That cab ride sounds like so much fun. I want to do that. I checked airline tickets again today. It's still not looking good. What am I going to do?