Thursday, May 15, 2008

Curry, Curry!

Today I had something very tasty!

I like to cook my fish outside on the grill. I fold it into foil pockets to steam cook it. This way I can throw the fish in there still frozen and not worry about scorchin' it.

Today I put my fish in its pouch and thought.... how can I spice this up? While purusing my spice basket I found my curry powders. I chose my Bangkok blend and sprinkled a good dose on the fish, sealed up my pocket, and threw it on the grill.

While this was cooking I began thinking how can I make this better. Mangos!!! I chopped up some mango and watermelon mixed in a little sour cream and a dash of my Punjabi curry powder.

When the fish and the fruit mixed together with the different curry tastes.... WOW! Sooooooo Good!


Darilyn said...

My mouth is watering. Can you come cook that for me? I think we should do a curry dish for our dutch oven competition at family reunion. what do you think?

franticallysimple said...

That sounds amazing. And so fresh.
I'll have to try it...

Sarah said...

How'd i miss this entry. That sounds yummy. In fact, if you said so, then i know it's yummy. Think i'll try that with my fish next week! (only, I dont' have a grill. but i'll make do.)