Thursday, May 29, 2008

What we ate in NY

I am sorry it has taken so long to get this adventure blogged out!

We had so much fun eating in NY. In general we would buy a couple meals or just a few appetizers and share them amongst us all. Our fist day we went to Roxy's Deli on Broadway. Luckily when we walked in we saw how huge the sandwiches were. We finally decided on one sandwich, fries, soup, fried mac and cheese and a hot dog. Then the waiter brought out the pickles and coleslaw. Oh my! The Pickles were so good. I laughed so hard about the fact that we were in NY City and raving about pickles!

Our Roxy's spread

Corned-beef sandwich (1/4 of it!)

Another memorable spot was this little place in China Town called The Dumpling House home of the "excellent dumplings". This taste I will not forget anytime soon. Denise decided she was on the hunt for some good ones around here. I wish her luck since I have never tasted Chinese food this good (and I am not even very fond of dumplings!)

For our last dinner in NY we wandered into Little Italy. The streets were blocked off so people could just walk around and enjoy each others company. We stopped at a little place to just have drinks and chat but ended up with a pie and full tummies!

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