Thursday, May 29, 2008

What we saw in NY

Besides Times Square and the other places I have blogged about so far we also introduced Sam and Denise to a few other NY sites.

I love how when you are walking down 5th Ave, or many other NY streets, amongst all the glimmer and glam there is still the historic and beautiful architecture.

One of those is Trinity Church. Some of you may recognize the name. I love this church well... because it is featured in National Treasure! "Heere at the Wall" Where Broadway (which used to be called Heere) and wall street meet! It is were the Templar Treasure was hidden!(I know it was only a movie!) Megan and I had a good time laughing and running up to see it. We felt so famous!

We also walked along Central Park.

Sam and a Statue

This day the city had shut down 6th ave and were having a street fair. As much as we wanted to stay and look around, after getting our snacks we head for Canal street for our shopping adventure.

Sam and Denise

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mm said...

For FUN!!!! I wish I knew what had to "stay" in NY...