Friday, May 2, 2008


In randomly googling for a former teacher of mine I came across some info on some friends from Jr. High/High school. After looking at their myspace page I decided what the heck, I'll give it a try. And look who I found....

This is Gusti. Formerly Gusti Rogers, now Gusti
Darling. Yes Darling, just like in Peter Pan. I wonder if she has ever
had any rooms painted up like Neverland? Or done a family photo with her and her husband as Peter and Wendy and the kids like the Lost Boys (kids).

Anyways. We became friends my freshman year in High School. We both had sisters
who were Seniors that were already friends, which made it obvious that we should be friends! She moved off to Ricks College right after High School and met her love
Anthony. Now she is in West Valley Utah with a great little family! I
have to say, I was happy to find her. It is always good to reconnect.


Darilyn said...

so fun to see a picture of Gusti. And it's always fun to reconnect with old friends. She always asks about you whenever I have seen or talked with her.

Rachel said...

And the you found me! Wow! It was great to hear from you... I miss your face! And by the way, I watch entirely too much TV. :)

Gusti said...

Ok wow my face is on your blog!!! I have now reached celebrity status. SOOOOOO happy to hear from you! You should also check out Laura as in (used to be Nielson)then she has pictures of her family and the(DR.) Bailey's that I used to work for. So many old friends to catch up with. When are you headed back this way, for a visit?