Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adventuring: Above the Falls

I have hiked to the bottom and top of the Golden Falls multiple times. What I hadn't done was hike "above the falls". At one time there was a whole settlement above the Golden and Silver falls. The last family I believe moved  around 1957. I have always wanted to go exploring and see if there are any old homesteads still there without the earth reclaiming them. We followed the trails pretty easily leaving from the top of Golden. This connected with the  Old Glen Creek rd. We emerged from the thick woods to a view of a valley meadow still dotted with an apple orchard that was abundant with fruit. We wandered down to the heart of the orchard and I soaked in the thought of the history of this place. How children once played there. I didn't get to see any old homesteads, but I'm sure they are out there. We decided to stop there since there was fresh bear scat. I loved this hike and am looking forward to going up there again sometime.

Silver Falls

Golden Falls

A valley meadow spotted with an orchard
Old apple tree still bearing fruit

Where children once played

I would rate this hike easy to moderate. There are easy dirt paths to the bottom of both falls and to the top of the Golden. There is very rocky terrain close to the bottom of both falls. If you want to go "above the falls" it is a moderate hike. Don't forget that wildlife is highly populated in that area.  Get directions HERE.

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Darilyn said...

I want to do that one. Looks lovely.