Monday, July 14, 2008

Portland Rose Garden

Another adventure we had while I was in Portland was visiting the Portland Rose Garden. I could not believe that Darilyn had not been there. Granted I had never been there either, but she lives in Portland! :) I really did not have any expectations besides seeing a few roses. We were definitely treated to one fine hour of strolling along one beautiful rose path to another. The Girls had a good time running around and smelling different roses and coming back to show us which ones where their favorite.

Heidi and Emma

The Portland Rose Garden in an International test garden for roses. Truthfully I don't really know what that means. I am sure I could look it up, but I am happy in my ignorance. I cannot remember the name of my favorite rose, but I could point out to you exactly where it was.


Self Portrait with Leann Rhimes (there was actually a rose named after her!)

Every once in a while we would be walking and Darilyn and I would say at the same time, "That smelled just like Grandma." Grandma Johns had a huge fondness for roses and owned more than one bottle of rose scented perfume. Often when I would go over to her house I would spend most of my time in her room, going through and organizing her jewelry (really so I could gaze at each treasure), and smelling each one of her perfumes. I am surprised my mom never stopped me since after spraying 5 bottles of different rose scents I am sure I could be smelled all the way to the High School (2 blocks)

Grandmas Flower

Heidi and Emma

Farewell Rose Garden, till next year!


Darilyn said...

I think I'll just let you do all my blogging. I'll just put a link on mine saying "go here". I loved the rose garden.

Merilee said...

It was fun to see you for a bit while you were out here. I love all these pictures. They're gorgeous!

Gusti said...

Thanks for the details... Darilyn's blog was definately lacking details about your visit. And all the pictures, I totally loved them, thanks for sharing.

Kellie said...

Seriously lovely photos, Krista. I just love Oregon.