Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Reunion 2008

I think I should have written this when we came home from FR a week ago. Since right now I am listening to my nieces being oh so sassy and wanting to lock them in their room. Family, gotta love them!

Uncle Art and his Grand-baby Andrew

Family reunion this year was held at Camp Attitude in Sweet Home Oregon. We had 60 plus family there. There were tons of kids and the laughter just kept going. Kathy and Andria were in charge this year and kept our schedules packed. We had field games, nature walks, a day at the lake, talent night, Our own "Amazing Race", dutch oven cook off, and much, much, more.

Uncle Clair

Mathew (2nd Cousin) and Kerry (Cousin)

Fun and GAmes

Makenzie (niece), Heidi (niece), Zack (2nd cousin)

Hoe-Down Time!

4th of July Parade

Service Project (Connor- 2nd Cousin)

Alisa (cousin) performing a belly dance for talent night.

One of the much mores was the food. Our family loves food. My cousin Kristi and her family brought down their Snow Cone and Cotton Candy machines. This was a family favorite!

Kayla (my second cousin) Enjoying cotton Candy

Dutch Oven Cooking

Caleb (2nd cousin)

What I love the most is all the family being together. My Aunts and Uncles are not getting any younger, and health is not the strongest in some. We never know each time we see them if it will be the last. This year I won the prize for traveling the farthest to be there. We did have Some family come from Ohio and Indiana though. It is so great to see such a mixture of family that does not get to see each other often.

By the end of the week you could see folks taking naps at random times in random places. Our final morning we stuffed (literally) me and my sisters family in the van with ALL of our stuff and bikes. Picked up some KFC and headed down the road to revisit memories in our head.

Chris (brother in law)

Connor (2nd cousin)

Us and the KFC

Our next one is scheduled two years from now and I am scheduled to plan two years after that. It is crazy to think about where I might be 4 years from now, but I am sure the time will fly!

(most of the photos are compliments of Will Wood - cousin in law)


Darilyn said...

Your blog of our family reunion was so much better than mine. It captured the essence of it so well. I love all the random sleeping pictures.

Suzi said...

What great shots of the family reunion. We really wish we could have come. Thanks for sharing your pics.