Sunday, July 6, 2008

St. Michaels

For a little getaway before my friend Beth's wedding we decided to head to St. Michaels Maryland. Once there we stayed at the Five Gables Inn and Day Spa. Oh My! I do not know why I have not been to one before.

St. Michaels itself is a quaint town on the Chesapeake bay. It is full of little shops and unique items. Beth got some funky clothes at her favorite shop Charisma while I picked out a really pretty shell and silver necklace. We both got some fun gifts for family and friends.

Our stay at the Five Gables was a package deal. For our stay we had a little porch with Adirondack chairs. We also had unlimited lemonade. putting the two together we had hours of relaxation on the porch drinking our lemonade.

The next day after our continental breakfast we both had a one hour massage. I say Oh My again! I had no idea what I was missing. Perfect bliss! It also helped that it was an Aveda concept spa so the scents and little samples were already products that I loved!

I had such a great time! Between the above mentioned fun, plus the scenery when I was taking my morning walk, the gourmet dinner, and all the fun people we met, this will me a memory I will keep around for quite some time!


Darilyn said...

Those chairs on the porch look like my picture of heaven. Sounds like a heavenly day.

Nicole said...

Ahhh...Take me away today! What a trip!

Jason and Jamie said...

Sounds like it was such a relaxing trip!

Nellie said...

Both your beach trip and this one sound civine -- I am really in need of a little r&r, but I am glad you are getting some!

SaraH G said...

Ooooh and ahhhh. Especially the massage! It's a pretty town, eh? (That's where we honeymooned!)

little tidbit - the Acme store in town does sell Acme birdseed. and Acme dynamite/fireworks. I thought it was so funny! (...if you're a Wilye Coyote fan...)