Thursday, January 16, 2014

Adventuring: 40:40:16 Blacklock Point

Blacklock Point
Blacklock Point. I first came across this hike by doing a random search on the internet for hikes near Coos Bay Oregon. A travel blogger had listed it as one of Oregon's best kept secrets. In researching it further I realized that there were a few different Blacklock Point hikes. One would start you from the Floras Lake area and then have you follow the beach heading south along the shore. Another could start you again from the Floras Lake area and then have you head south along actual trails. I found that the later could also be accessed from another starting point along an old airport road.

My first adventure out in the area I started from the old airport road. This is found by driving south along 101 from Bandon and then turning right when you come to Pacific High School. The trail head is at the end of this road. You start your along the well known Oregon Coast trails that are dry and clay packed.
As you continue you enter a more dense forest area. At one point I laughed and thought I might have been on the film set of Empire Strikes Back and looking for an Ewok.
Past this point you see a faint blue sky through the trees and enter out into a breathtaking view of the Oregon Coast. To your left you have Cape Blanco Light House in the far distance. Taking the trail to the right you can walk out onto the actual Blacklock Point. Looking to the right you see the black cliffs and then further the sand cliffs. I felt that I had been transported to Ireland or England. The contrast with what I have seen on other parts of the coast was amazing.
I continued on this trail and found even further changes in scenery with tree tunnels that reminded me of Lord of the Rings, and bare lower branches of trees that had me on the set of Red Riding Hood.
There are quite a few choices in taking the trails in looping around and customizing the distance you want to travel. You can follow this trail all the way to Floras Lake creating a 9-10 mile trek, or loop for a shorter 4-6 mile trek. The trails themselves are easy. In the spring expect boggy areas and in the summer expect a wind that can blow you right off the cliff.

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