Thursday, January 16, 2014

lbs and inches week five

Almost an epic fail week. Friday I had planned dinner with family. We looked at the menu beforehand and chose what we would eat. Last minute decision had me with a bit more than I needed on my plate. This came mainly about by a desire of not wanting to bother/annoy the waitress with me changing my order. This poses the question. Should I have? She was still standing there with the ticket with an irritated look of her face from my picky ordering. Do I risk the even further irritation by apologizing and asking if I could start over? I figure I may be in this situation again and may need some further insight into the matter. At the end of the night I had consumed of course too many calories and fat and carbs and and... I did feel ok though since the previous week I had binged on Taco Bell and had recovered.

Saturday brought me to a friends house for homemade fish tacos. I was excited that I was still being invited to food gatherings since I have been on the program. I need to learn how to manage cravings and make wise choices. I stood well in the face of temptation for quite a while until.... that first scoop chip hit the been dip and landed in my mouth. I couldn't stop! I finally succumbed to a taco later since "Oh well, I've been eating chips and dip all night".

Needless to say I stood on my home scale this morning with an epic fail on my mind (and on the scale). Up one pound. In a way it was a good reminder that adding regular food back into my life is not going to be easy. In fact, it is going to be darn right hard. Lucky for me and my self-esteem I was down a pound on the doctors scale. so, not an epic fail after all.

We had our first group session with the new Behavior Health Coach. I can say she was fabulous. Down to earth, engaging, looks at everyone as a real person, shared great examples, and kept us going. She talked about how she did not like to hear about the goals set that were "I want to loose 25 lbs by my class reunion", or, "I need to be this certain size". She talked about setting realistic goals and accomplishing them in steps that will eventually change lifestyle behaviors. For example, focusing on increasing and decreasing frequency. I currently am drinking diet soda about 6 days a week. Starting this next week my goal is to drink diet soda only 4 days. Then after I master that I will decrease this frequency even more. The same can be said with increasing exercise in my life. Going from 0 to 2, and so on.

So this week has been mental and in a way strengthening. I know I will eat out of program Saturday at book club, and I am OK with that. I will however focus on other ways I can continue to reach the goals I have set for myself.

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Darilyn said...

Great insight. I too have been cutting back in my diet soda. I actually went two days in a row without having one. But then I made up for that by having two in one day! Keep up the drive.