Thursday, January 23, 2014

lbs and inches week 6

They say that the greatest sabotager of your goals is yourself. I have to agree full heartedly. I have entered a pattern the past couple weeks of going off program over the weekend, and then playing catch-up until Thursday, so I'm not up in lbs when I weigh in. Then I sit there in the MD office with the knowledge that yes, I did loose one more lb, but what could I have lost if I would have stayed on program all week? The other fear I am facing, since I am at the half way mark, is what will happen to me when I go back to regular food? My scrubs are getting more and more baggy and I am afraid to let them go and give them away! What if the weight comes right back? See? Self-Sabotage.  Total lbs down: 25

(On a good note, since the above was sounding such a downer, folks I am around have started to notice the loss. Yay me!)


Darilyn said...

Will the program help transition you to regular food? Everyone has setbacks. What's important is that you realize why, work through it and move forward. I'm proud of you.

Darilyn said...
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