Thursday, January 16, 2014

Adventuring: 40:40:17 Floras Lake- Blacklock

As mentioned in my previous post I found Blacklock point by doing a random internet search for hiking in the Coos Bay area. Blacklock point had been listed by a travel blogger as one of Oregon's best kept secrets. The cliffs that they had mentioned are accessible from walking along the sandy shores heading south down the coast from Floras Lake.
Floras Lake
Floras Lake itself is a great spot for windsurfing and kiteboarding. The day I adventured there I was mesmerized by the folks learning and mastering these skills. Beautiful! After I trudged (which is what I call walking in soft sand) along the edge of the lake I entered out onto the shoreline. I knew to check tide levels since one can easily misjudge the height of waves and get caught out in a dangerous situation. After walking a short while I came to see what had been documented before. Shear cliffs to the left that headed straight up. The day was sunny so it was hard to photograph the actual beauty of the cliffs without the shadows. But they were beautiful!
On my way back I took a trail up from the beach and followed the Oregon Coast hiking trail back to Floras Lake. I cannot remember how many miles I went. I do know that it can be marked as moderate of ease since there was quite a bit of trudging, and besides checking the tides check the wind level. Crazy winds can be had in this area.
Oregon Coast Trail

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Joleane said...

Beautiful pictures Krista! Can't wait to check out these hikes someday. Thanks for sharing about them.