Saturday, January 11, 2014

Adventuring: 40:40:14 Gold and Silver Falls

 I have posted about the Gold and Silver Falls before in my post Adventuring: Above the Falls. This is a place that has historic meaning to me and many Coos Bay/Coos River/Allegany originals. The falls are located approximately 23 miles up the Allegany side of the Coos River from Coos Bay Oregon. Although most of it's visitors are locals it is a State Park and many fun adventures await those that take the time to drive out there.

Once in the park the short walkable road to the left brings you to a view looking at the Silver Falls. At one time this road/path extended across the bottom of the falls and then continued up the path to the top of the Golden Falls and beyond. My uncles tell stories of my grandmother driving back down from the top and then they (the boys) would have to get out when crossing the Silver Falls to make sure the planks were there for my grandmother to drive across, and that she was not missing them.
Starting at the beginning again at the park entrance, if you take the path to the right and across the wooden bridge you come to two other trail possibilities. This trail splits. Taking the trail to the right will bring you to the base of the Golden Falls. This is a favorite photo spot to travelers and a fun rambling area for kids to climb on rocks and logs.
Taking the trail to the left will take you first to the bottom of the Silver Falls where you can adventurously climb up and stand a little under the falls, and then the trail continues up and up to the top of the Golden Falls. This is a breathtaking view of the forested valley.
Continuing on this trail you enter some forested lands that once were great homesteads. Only a trailer or two may remain from the mid 1900's, but the history goes far and beyond that time. My Uncle laughingly tells the tell of having Boy Scouts up there and throwing a rock, aimed for a friend, that hit his instructor in the head. What a mischievous family I have.
Plan for easy to moderate difficulty depending on how far and how long you adventure. 1/2 - 10 miles depending.

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