Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm Feeling It!!!!!

All day today whenever I told someone I was heading off to Oregon Tuesday, or even thought about it I have gotten all giddy! I AM SOOOO
EXCITED!!!! I have not seen them for a year and am looking forward to
just spending time with them. My nieces have grown up so much over the
years since I have lived in Maryland. During my stay I will also be
able to see my folks in Coos Bay and other great family members.
(Photo compliments of Darilyn's Blog :)


Darilyn said...

The new blog looks great. I like how you did all the details on the right hand side. Very nice. I had no idea we had family members with blogs.

Jeff said...

Hi Guys!
Cool Blog!
The Johns family is hanging out in Utah this Christmas. I wanted to make it out to baby Andrew's blessing but ran out of time off. I will be out to visit Oregon in early January though. Whitney is now in the Young Womens. Jared is 10 and wrestling (he is like a little bull moose), JJ is an extremely confident 7 year old going on 14, and Sydnie, our baby, is nearly 4! I still call here "baby" though. Lisa enjoys reading and getting little breaks here and there. I am very busy with the elders quorum. We miss you all a lot and think of you often. Merry Christmas! Love Jeff and Lisa

Heidi said...

Krista, say hi to Oregon for me! And if you are planning to be anywhere near Moonstruck Chocolate, let me know and I'll send you some cash. (To buy something for me.) :)
Blog is looking great!