Friday, December 28, 2007

Some Oregon Things That Just Make Me Laugh!

I never laugh as hard as when I am with my sister!

Heidi is the biggest Rock Star in training I have even met. If I even had a smidget of her energy and confidence!

Only in Oregon can you see a Christmas light show all made into sea animals!

Hillsboro, affectionalty called "Hillsburrito" has the best little Mexican trailers parked everywhere!

To end our Christmas we burnt the house down... literally!


Darilyn said...

Nice pictures. I especially love the house burning.

Heidi said...

Me too! The house burning would be such a fun tradition!
BTW, the Moonstruck was wonderful. You rock!

Merilee said...

I can't believe you burnt the house down! That is so funny. How did you guys even think of that?

Krista Lou Cook said...

Darilyn was talking about how she wished she could reuse the house... and the next thing we knew we had the camera ready for a great houseburning moment!

Rochelle said...

Nice! I love the burinig house!