Saturday, December 8, 2007

Classes Are Done!!!

Yahoo! Classes are done, Well almost! I still have a few assignments and a final for my online class. I still feel that all is good and my mind may be able to relax. I only get a few weeks to relax and then I start a job at Howard County General Hospital. I will work as a PTC for a year in exchange for well... work, and training in other areas the nursing program at HCC does not offer! This past semesters classes really kicked my rear. I had to say goodbye to a few friends that did not pass. They will get wait-listed to start this semester over. Well just actually the class they missed. Hopefully they will get in soon. It has been cool to see so many of the friends I made over the past couple years in my pre-reqs start the program. If all goes as planned I will be finished in a year. CRAZY!!!

Study Survival Necessities! Starbucks and Burts Bees!

A few of our Practice Rooms and Dummies!
(No my friend Erin is not a Dummie!)

Our Nursing Computer Lab


Frannie said...


I know it's kind of cheesy but I'm proud of your accomplishment!!!

50% of your journey is over!!!!

Post a blog about your new job at HCGH. AND stop by cardio/pulmonary rehab to see me if you're working in the mornings.


Krista Lou Cook said...

Thanks Frannie!