Saturday, December 15, 2007

Panes, Trains, and Automobiles:Oregon Days 1-4

I cannot believe that I have only been here 4 days! What a whirlwind! Tuesday was s great reunion with Darilyn and her family. Heidi took one look and me and said;"You look just like, but different from, well, you know". Wednesday I took off again to visit the family in Coos Bay.I had purchased what I thought was a train ticket to Eugene, but in reality was seated on a bus for a 2.5 hr drive. I really had no complaints though, since the ride was speedy and we all had our own seat. Wednesday night through Fri morning I spent with my parents. It was fun. I wore them out completely! I wont enclose the photo of my mom passed out at the Rood farm. But it was a good one! Friday was sad goodbyes at the train station (to catch my bus) and I was back up to Portland for Book Club. What I have to say about that is... Bunko Babes, we have some good competition for the group with good food and great laughs!

This is the ceiling at Union Station Portland.

The Wayside Inn, Drain, Oregon: We stopped here for linner on the way home to Coos Bay and for brunch on the way back to Eugene. It is a small diner with its usual crowd of regulars, and home cooked food.

These are photos form our visit to Shore Acres. You can tell it is an Oregon light show by the not so traditional light displays of fish and sea animals.

Charleston, Oregon

The last one standing: The last Bull to be on the Rood Farm.

Bandon, Oregon


A Drive in Oregon

The Elk

Book Club


Darilyn said...

What great pictures. Love them all. I'm so glad you are here.

Rochelle said...

It was so nice meeting you! Book club was gerat! It might be a hard one to top! Bunco babes good luck!

Heidi said...

Home sweet home!