Sunday, December 23, 2007

Visiting With Family: Oregon Days 10-12

On Thursday, while nursing a nasty cold, we received a visit from our Dad Jay, an our step mom Lada. Even though I was not in the most sociable mood I was not worried since I had a few days with them. Thursday we visited during dinner and then the May fam and I headed off to the Mall for some an evening of shopping. D-lyn and I branched off from Chris and the Girls so they could shop for D-lyn. We ran into them at one point in Claire's. A funny store for them to be in since they were supposed to be shopping for Darilyn. But.... Heidi was quite excited t show us the cup that she had "always wanted".

We busted up laughing so hard. We did have to console her though and reinforce that the cup was very pretty. Ahh the innocence of 7 yr olds!

Friday we went together to Saturday Market. I was glad that I had gone previously, since everything looked very good and tempting today. Luckily I had already gotten my skirt and now could shop for whatever. Sue, our favorite purse lady was not there. This was sad since this was her last year and I wanted to discuss some alterations on a purse I wanted. I ended up taking a picture of the bag I wanted with the hopes of calling her and ordering one later.

An Empty room in the Skidmore Fountain Bldg.

Friday night we ate a scrumptious meal at Chili's. I did not hear a complaint from anyone about their meal, and as you can see, plates were nearly cleared!

Saturday morning we enjoyed breakfast at church and watched Heidi
(the 7yr old with the cup earlier)

and her dance class perform a couple routines. Afterwards half the family took off to go snowboarding

while the rest of us paid tribute to Grandma and Grandpa Wittenhagen,

and do some housecleaning. The visit was wrapped up with a drive up cooper mtn to see lights.Over all a nice and relaxing visit.

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