Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Mad Dash: Oregon Days 7- 9

Jorjia enjoying the tree and presents!

It is less than a week until Christmas and there is much more shopping to do! Monday was spent running errands while enjoying a little window shopping. That might we went to Makenzie's Winter concert. We were wondering what happened to the days of holiday songs? Out of the 13 or so we heard there were only 2 that could pass.

Tuesday was more errands and then activity days at the church.

Wednesday Darilyn and I set aside for a fun day. We tried to find a new Tea shop to try, but were short on luck there. We ended up with Jamba juice to help ward off our colds. We then headed down town to take browse in Saturday Market. It is a Portland Artisan Market that is usually open on Sat/Sun, but for the week before Christmas it is open every day. Las year I got the best skirt there and I was dying to find out if they were there again this year. I was pretty worried but there they were "The shabby knapsack". D-lyn and I tried on about 5 apiece and there it was, hanging on the display, the perfect skirt. I bought it up and am looking forward to wearing it this Friday when I go back with the whole family. Afterwards we had a great lunch fro the little Thai cart.

A View From on Top, of the parking Garage.

A View from the Street.

Saturday Market

The Little Thai Cart

Wed night we had some extended family come over for dinner.

Heidi, Emma, Maddie, Kaylee, Zack, and Makenzie decorating cookies.

Jenny and Little Andrew.


Darilyn said...

Fun times. I love going to Saturday Market with you. It is so much fun and it will be fun tomorrow too. And I'm glad you liked the Thai cart as much as Chris and I. Yummmm O

Kellie said...

Glad you're having so much fun, friend!