Monday, December 17, 2007

A Baking We Shall Go: Oregon Days 5-6

Saturday was a day of getting the furnace fixed and Christmas shopping. Why is it that everything seems cuter when you are thousands of miles away from where you live? Lucky for me I have enough sense not to purchase anything that
1.) I would have to put in storage back in MD, and
2.) That would be complicated to transport back to MD.
It has kept my budget allot longer in my wallet.

Sunday was baking day. We hit the counters with a batch of "The Pioneer Woman"'s cinnamon Rolls. Making 7 pans and taking d-lyn 7 hrs, I think we should offer to rename them the lucky 7 rolls. Well maybe the tasty seven rolls, or the magical 7 rolls since they disappear within 7 seconds. We also made some Pecan Vanilla Toffee. I had never made toffee but felt safe with a recipe from Sunset Mag. These also tasted especially good since we used D-lyn's secret ingredient. (I'd tell ya what it is but then it would be a secret would it?)

Heres a picture of the "Magical 7's" and the "Secret Tasty Toffee"


Darilyn said...

Krista failed to mention that as soon as these yummy cinnamon rolls were done i took an entire pan to the couch with a fork to eat by myself. Krista said i couldn't do that so I sadly shared.

Heidi said...

mmmm! C'mon tell! Please?

Aundrea said...

You are awesome! I wish my sisters lived closer or at least came to visit:)